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4 Ways to get outside with your dog in celebration of National Puppy Day

March 23, 2017

4 Ways to get outside with your dog in celebration of National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is a day to celebrate the unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. It’s also a day to encourage puppy adoption around the world, so if you don’t have a puppy and have been thinking about getting one, get out there and check out your local animal shelters and make some puppy’s day!

But I already have a dog and I can’t adopt another one!!

What better way to celebrate National Puppy Day than by taking your four-legged friend outside! Here’s 4 ways to get outside with your dog today to celebrate the happiness they have brought upon your life.

1- Take your dog for a hike

I’m sure you’ve noticed the happiness your little buddy gets when they get to run around in the woods. Head out to the nearest trail and go for a hike!! You’ll both benefit from the exercise, the stress relief nature can offer, and the fresh air is always up-lifting. They’re sure to love all the new smells there are to take in on a beautiful hike through nature.

Local to CT? Check out this list of dog-friendly hikes.

2- Take your dog for a nice walk around town

Even if you live in a city or a suburban area and don’t have the time today to get to a trail or a park. That’s okay! A nice walk around town will do. I promise you they won’t be complaining. And neither will you.

3- Take your dog to a park

Maybe hiking isn’t your thing. Maybe walks aren’t your thing. How about heading to the dog park? That way you can relax, while your puppy gets to play around with all the other dogs and get in some good exercise!

Here’s a list of the top dog parks in CT.

4- Play with your dog in the yard

We get it. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to step away from your life. But National Puppy Day only comes once a year. So let’s make an effort to celebrate, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Grab a ball or a frisbee and take that pooch out in the yard!

Be sure to take some photos of you and your pup enjoying the great outdoors in celebration of National Puppy Day. Follow us on Instagram, #loveyourworld and tag @thegreenteeco in your photos to be automatically entered into a monthly drawing to win a FREE swag bag!!

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