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7 Easy Ways to Get Your Kiddo Outdoors

May 22, 2017

7 Easy Ways to Get Your Kiddo Outdoors

Let’s face it, parents. You love your home, you built it one statement piece at a time and every day, you’re family fills it with warmth and love. But after a winter of hibernation, you and your kiddo just need to get the heck out. Luckily, spring is the perfect invitation to get out of the house, and we have collected some of the best ways for you to enjoy the much-needed fresh air with your children.

We all know the usual plans: go for a walk, sit in the park, check out the beach. Here are a few more ways to enjoy the great outdoors without ever being bored.

  1. Look into state parks. We can all go for a walk down the block, but if your scenery is getting to be a bit dull, it might be time for a change. State Parks are everywhere, probably more common than you think! They can offer you paved walkways, rugged trails, kid-friendly educational programs about nature and wildlife, and most importantly, a respite from your usual surroundings. Find the state park that suits your needs with this park finder.
  2. Go for a bike ride. If you feel confident in your cycling ability, this may be the perfect way to get out and about. Your child will love the feel of a steady breeze as you whir past trees and down the wide roads of your neighborhood or bike path if you are lucky enough to have one of those close by. Full disclosure: rampant giggling and drool are common side effects. You also get the added bonus of getting your exercise in by pedaling around some extra weight in the backseat. With the proper gear and bike traffic laws, this is a safe, energized way to get outside with your little one.
  3. Start a garden. Really! You think they can’t do it? Well, think again. Your child just might have a better green thumb then you. Start growing some plants indoors with your little one and teach them the responsibility that comes with taking care of a plant. They can water them every day, watch in awe as the sprouts peak out from the soil, and wonder about the vegetables that will soon come. When spring arrives, move those little plants straight outside into your child’s own garden. Now they will be itching to go outside to see what their plants have in store for them.
  4. Use your backyard. On the days you know a trek out of your home simply won’t end well, there is always a patch of something right outside your door. Hopefully it’s grass, but any surface will do to set up an obstacle course for your child to explore! Cardboard boxes, hula-hoops, bouncy balls and cones of joy are all up for grabs. You can have your rug rat winding and weaving all afternoon.
  5. The Sprinkler. This may be the most economical activity for outdoor play that was ever invented. Your kids will love sprinting through the fountain of water, to cool off in the sun. Back and forth they will leap and all the while, your grass is getting greener. There is no need to get fancy with a slip and slide or install that automated, underground irrigation system; any old sprinkler will do the trick. So sit back, relax, and watch ‘em fly.
  6. Picnic in the park, or anywhere, really. We all have to eat, and we all want our children to get the fresh air they need. Combine the two with a picnic on the grass. The best part about this outdoor activity is that once you get there, you do nothing! Enjoy some fresh fruit or a sandwich sitting alongside your youngster and you will feel rejuvenated one breath at a time. Really, the best cure for any mood is a little bit of food, a little bit of air, and a little bit of sun.
  7. Feed the birds. Children have a special affinity towards feathers and quacking. Hand over a bag of stale breadcrumbs and watch as their little fists wave with delight at the flurry of feasting. For anyone worried about disease, there is always hand sanitizer. Plus, a bird will rarely let a child get close enough to touch it. Even in New York where they follow adults like hungry puppies, they shy away from the clenching grasp of a child. They know better than that. So venture to a pond near you, or perhaps the docks by the bay, and let your children enjoy the fresh air with the birds.

These are just a few of our favorites here at the Green Tee Co. but we’re sure there are so many more ways that you enjoy getting outside with your kids. Comment with your favorite mom and me outdoor activity to help us share the best ways to get your kiddo outdoors. We would love to know how you enjoy the natural world around us!

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