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Our Story

November 11, 2016 1 Comment

Our Story

How The Green Tee Cō. came to be.

I always said it would be nice if hiking was my job. But who gets paid to hike? A guide? Well first off, I don't live close enough to any highly desirable mountains or national parks. And then there's the fact that I don't know enough about any specific mountain to be a guide. I just love to be outdoors. So it's pretty likely that nobody would hire me as a guide.

We needed something more.
We needed to do something bigger than our everyday 9-5 job. 

We love our world, we love to be outside exploring, going on little adventures.
How could we do more!? We felt trapped in our jobs, like we were missing out on the world, and the things we loved to do.

One day, on our drive home from Maine, my husband and I are talking and it's like, okay...we love hiking, we love being outside. What else do we like? What else are we good at? Well...We really like snowmobiling and off-roading and boating and basically a super long list of outdoor activities apparently. Hmmm...our gears are turning now.

I've secretly always wanted to start a clothing company. I was a graphic designer...why didn't we think of this before! This is perfect! We can combine our love for the outdoors with my design skills into a company that encourages other people to get up and go outside...show the world some love.
We love our world.
Do you love your world™? Because it's so amazing out there. 

And that's how The Green Tee Cō. was born.

I couldn't be more excited to introduce: The Green Tee Cō.. A clothing company that doesn't just encourage outdoor adventures and promote the beauty of the world, but also wants to do their part in saving the world. That's why all of our clothes are made of natural and organic fabrics. We will be offering organic t shirts, bamboo t shirts, hemp t shirts, clothing made with recycled materials and lots of other eco-friendly apparel options. All of which promote the outdoors. Not only that, they are ethically made in safe and fair work environments, with the majority being made in the USA. Because we respect the people of our planet... people over profits.

Additionally, $1 from every product sold will be donated to programs that support outdoor exploration and preserving out gorgeous planet. You can read more about how The Green Tee Cō. gives back here.

And that's it! We're off on a crazy adventure.
Join us for the ride!
Support us, share us, follow us.
Let's give the world the attention she deserves!

Love your world.™

 ^ Summer of 2013 hiked Mount Washington with our little lady.


1 Response

Nancy Beaudoin
Nancy Beaudoin

November 11, 2016

I love your concept and your product ! How awesome that you made a dream come true ! Congratulations !!

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