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About The Green Tee Co. | Love your world

Ridiculously Comfy Apparel | Encouraging Outdoor Adventure

Where We Came From

We started The Green Tee Co. in 2016 with the dream of inspiring more people to step outside and Love Your World®. These are the words we live by here at The Green Tee Co., but what do they mean? To love your world is to give her the attention she deserves—to recognize her beauty and experience what she has to offer. By giving you ridiculously comfy, eco-friendly clothing fit for any adventure, we hope to advocate an active outdoor lifestyle that helps you connect with the world that surrounds us.

Where we are

At The Green Tee Co. we know that the business of production can often be the business of pollution, which is why every item we sell is eco-friendly, consisting of sustainable fabrics such as recycled materials, organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp. Not only do these elements treat our world with a little extra love, they are super soft, too!

The Green Tee Co. is passionate about showing our love for the world in more ways than one. Every year The Green Tee Co. donates 5% of proceeds to the National Park Foundation to do our part in preserving our irreplaceable landscapes. We also work to ensure our items are produced in Sweatshop-Free, Fair Trade facilities; some are even made from start to finish right here in the USA.

Where We Hope To Be

The Green Tee Co. is about more than clothes—this is a lifestyle. We want our apparel to give you the energy and the comfort you need to stand up and step out into your natural surroundings. There is so much to see and experience out there that can never be resembled on a tablet. The Green Tee Co. wants to be a catalyst for change, a springboard for active, outdoor living and we hope to partner with organizations that want to do the same. Over time, we goal is to build a community of like-minded individuals that will wear our brand with pride and help spread the notion of loving your world out into the world itself.




A Letter From The Founder 

Hi there!
My name is Samantha. My husband, Brennan, and my daughter Elē, (we also have a son on the way!) absolutely love to be outside. We founded The Green Tee Co. with many goals in mind, but our primary purpose is to encourage outdoor adventure and exploration. We notice, like many others have, that people simply aren’t spending as much time outside. Brennan and I both grew up on outdoor playtime and having a daughter definitely amplified our feelings about upholding an outdoor lifestyle, because we want our children to grow up experiencing the world. Elē loves coming with us on short hikes, weekly walks, and ATV rides in the woods. We take her out swimming and boating on the river all summer. We even hiked up Mt. Washington with her when she was 8 months old! These are priceless experiences and memories that we know everyone can benefit from. Overall, we want more people to recognize the value in creating an active outdoor lifestyle in anyway possible. In our opinion, if you're outside, experiencing the world and enjoying it, it's a win in our book. So we created a company that encourages people to do just that by providing them with crazy comfortable, eco-friendly apparel. We are all friends of the world here, and we hope that The Green Tee Co. encourages you all to express how you Love Your World even more.

Size Chart
Size Chart

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